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We are currently seeking a new team member to facilitate the use of our 3D printers. Additive manufacturing is an integral part of the R&D process here at Viable. The new hire will work with engineering to print parts using state-of-the-art equipment. Other responsibilities include equipment maintenance, calibration, basic repair, and the post-processing of parts. The team member must be knowledgeable in additive manufacturing and have a desire to work in a fast-paced environment.


Orlando, FL


Full Time

What You’ll Do

    Responsible for the successful deployment of solutions developed by engineering or manufacturing teams.

    Perform additive manufacturing operations at Viable.

    Weekly printer maintenance on printers of various technologies

    Composite FDM – bed level, material checking/loading, belt tensioning, nozzle check/replacement, Bowden and feed tube check/replacement.

    SLA – print head cleaning, material check/purge/load, waste material handling, roller check/clean, UV calibration.

    SLA - wash station – inspection/cleaning, Ultrasonic cleaner –liquid handling – level check, solution check, mixing and replacing solution, UV cure box – inspection, lamp clean.

    Properly maintain other printers and auxiliary equipment including recent technologies as they are acquired.

    Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Quality Engineering, or related field

Who You are

    You are a US Citizen or Approved to work in the US.

    You have a high school diploma or GED

    You have a minimum of three (3) years related experience required, with a technical background.

    You possess prior exposure to a variety of technologies, and the ability to learn new technologies on the fly.

    You enjoy working with and have experience working in startups.

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